Benbulben 'Lady'

Benbulben 'Lady' is a seductive oyster grown in the north-west of Ireland. It has a classy, faultless contour and a very defined aromatic palette

Wild Connemara Native

Wild Flat is a native oyster, exclusively grown in the free waters of Ireland. It is a rare species, hidden amid the cold and rocky Northwestern shores, and represents the truest expression of a wild Irish oyster

Wild Connemara Gigas

Escaped from the monotonous confinement of a bag, Wild Gigas now grow free in the cold waters of Connemara and are daily handpicked by the skilful fishermen of the area

Carlingford 'Charm'

This is a premium, elongated oyster from North Eastern Ireland. The name “Charm” has been given to this enchanting bivalve for its intrinsic elegance, both in appearance and in taste

Galway Gigas

This oyster is the outcome years of expertise and caring, it comes from the royal county of Galway. As its count this oyster embeds an enchanting tales of flavour. This oyster, from the West of Ireland, inherits from its habitat a balance identity starting with pungent saltiness and a happy finish of sweet

Galway Native

This oyster with is heart shape is the creation of a dedicated family business from the royal county of Galway. This bi-valve is breed in freedom in the Irish waters, it lies freely on the sand beds of a protected bay, for all this reasons this product is unique and very rare

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